LFA heartily recommends that everyone sign up to read Jen Hofmann’s Action emails. See link at the bottom of this blog to do just that. Jen has a team of volunteers who help her put together a list from which you can clearly see opportunities for actions. Sometimes it’s a simple thank you to a legislator who has done something for the common good. Jen also is very aware we are in this for the long haul, and she includes self care pep talks all along the way. Here is the link to this week’s actions, plus the email that came with it. Wands up!


A heartfelt tip for staying engaged

We’re thanking 13 people this week in the Americans of Conscience Checklist. Why? It’s more than politeness. Science tells us that the act of expressing gratitude benefits our nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system. Conveying sincere thanks lowers our stress and creates feelings of peaceful inter-connectedness. It makes us feel safer and helps us stay healthy. All from a simple thank you. Best of all, both the giver and the receiver experience these benefits. All it takes is a little time to say thank you from the heart—for good deeds and courageous actions (no matter how small). Not only is gratitude a way of encouraging elected officials to keep doing the right thing, it is a way to keep ourselves engaged in daunting times. Gratitude is at the heart of my own activism, so I include it in every edition of the AoC Checklist. I’m grateful for our volunteer researchers who help me find these proverbial encouraging needles in the bad-news haystack. We love finding evidence of good people doing good things every day. It’s reassuring. If you need a boost, I encourage you to bring gratitude to your activism this week. Say thank you to unlikely people. Let the words come from the heart. You’ll be surprised how good it feels.
​​​​​14 actions to help + oodles of good news…Right here in the AoC Checklist for April 29, 2018  Or open the backup version for printer issues or if the first one is busy.
Be well! — Jen Hofmann