As a person of conscience, there’s something more important what you do–it’s identifying why you do it. It’s that spark or passion or gut-level belief in something that guided you into this work in the first place. What is it? Because really, the act of calling or writing to elected officials can be boring, repetitive, even stressful. We start to question the value of speaking up at times. So, stop for a moment and think about why you’re doing it. What goal does your call help achieve? What dream does your letter help realize? Finding the deeper meaning behind our actions helps us stay inspired.

​​​​​​​Some weeks, I find turning news into actions painful and hard. This week was one of them. Some of our volunteers struggled too. Research and writing are what we do, but we have to stop and ask why? What’s underneath? For me, it’s being a part of the solution. It’s helping realize the promise of democracy and help others do the same. Some days are hard, but this purpose enlivens me and helps inspire me when I want out.  I invite you to take another step this week toward a kinder future where every life and voice is valued. They’ll hear us better if we speak up together.

9 people to thank, clear actions, and good news…right here in the AoC Checklist for May 6, 2018.
Be well!  — Jen Hofmann