Americans of Conscience Checklist

Week of May 13, 2018

Jen Hofmann

We’re making a difference!

In the last month, over 84,000 people opened the checklist or shared it on social media. The fundraiser we featured last week for Crystal Mason’s legals fees is up to $7,700. The campaign to help the immigrant caravan make phone calls is almost at its goal of $50,000. We had a hand in this progress, dear one. Together, we are lifting hearts. We are reminding others that America is better than the headlines.

Honest talk
The checklist has fewer actions this week by design–just three for each topic. Before you launch into making calls, pay close attention to the first action.
Here’s this week’s checklist!  Click here for the AoC Checklist for May 13, 2018.  Or open the backup version if you have technical issues.
Be well — Jen Hofmann