WALK FOR GUN SAFETY:  Please join us in the Walk, and feel free to create a sign or banner to carry along the 6 block walk which will be viewed by 10,000 – 12,000 attendees. You may represent: educators and students, houses of worship, first responders, health care professionals, musicians, retired military, parents, survivors, gun owners, grandmothers, victims outreach organizations, toddlers, gun buy back programs, political parties, or other categories. The possibilities are endless. 96 individuals die each day from firearms, and that also seems to be endless in America.

Gun Violence is the second leading cause of death in children, aged 10-19. Let’s raise our voices and support the student led movement for sensible gun legislation.  CONTACT: Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence / CCAGV
Carol Luten, 703/989-5262 cpluten@msn.com
Kris Gregory, 571/205-6483 kristinegregory@yahoo.com



This is a great opportunity to elevate democracy and voting! Join the League of Women Voters from VA, DC, and MD and OneVirginia2021 at the Memorial Day Parade! Wear a red, a white, or a blue t-shirt. Show your pride for being a voter! Have other fun swag to show off (costumes, bags, umbrellas, kids’ scooters/wagons, etc.)? Bring it! Just leave the candy and paper at home (parade rules: parade walkers and floats may not distribute anything on the parade route). And leave political party and candidate info at home, too (LWV & 1VA are nonpartisan). Bring friends and get ready to have a lot of fun! Share, share, share! We want everyone to know that it’s time to make a voter plan. Let’s show our excitement in the parade!!  Watch FB page for updates. Meet at 1:00pm – place TBD.