A special issue

Even though it’s officially the checklist break week (4th Sunday), I couldn’t wait until June 3rd to cover this trending topic: ICE and DHS losing track of over a thousand unaccompanied kids in 2017. Doing nothing is not an option.

In this special-edition checklist, you’ll find a clear, effective script, all the names and addresses you need, and an uplifting Obama quote for good measure.

If you’re overwhelmed, do this one thing: Share the link to this checklist on social media (sample verbiage included). Empower others to speak up, even when you cannot.

Together, we’ll stand for vulnerable kids and hold elected officials accountable.

Open this week’s special edition of the AoC Checklist.

Next week​​​​​​​
We’ll be back next week with the normal format–and I’ll also be sharing some exciting behind-the-scenes developments at the Americans of Conscience Checklist. We’re going places, friends!
In the meantime, remember the importance of sticking together. When we work side-by-side, we can change the course of history.
— Jen Hofmann