Americans of Conscience Checklist!   Week of June 10, 2018

Celebrating our efforts

  • The fundraiser to bail Veronica out of ICE detention has increased by over $5000.
  • I received a sweet tweet from Christine Nieves, co-director of Puerto Rico community group, Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo Mariana. She was surprised and excited about our support last week.
  • Speaking up for separated kids is helping. New legislation is being proposed. New lawsuits proposed to defend their rights. International human rights groups getting involved.
  • New research shows that the more informed we are, the less overwhelmed we feel. Even when it’s hard to look, keeping our eyes and hearts open helps us persevere.

Did you see our exciting announcement? 

Read about it here.  More developments coming soon!

11 things you can do to make a positive difference this week: 

Get the checklist here: AoC Checklist for June 10, 2018.
Please take good care of you! — Jen Hofmann