Our friends at Sierra Club, Virginia, and other organizations interested in environmental and energy issues are calling for all Virginians to comment online on the current review of Virginia’s Ten Year Energy Plan. You may comment directly here: http://townhall.virginia.gov/L/ViewNotice.cfm?gnid=856 and refer to Sierra Club’s talking points here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R796VWnHuZkM8DCn3lQjk03ioHgwSEtdLAQ-F6IQPL0/edit

OR read the email from Sierra Club below and  then click the link to the Sierra Club’s already written comments.

Tell Gov. Northam to strengthen our Department of Environmental Quality

You have a unique opportunity to help shape the future protection of Virginia’s environment.

In April of this year, Gov. Northam issued Executive Order 6 to identify ways to strengthen the Department of Environmental Quality and help the agency fufill its mission to protect Virginia’s air, water and public health.

This order requires the DEQ, in consultation with the Secretary of Natural Resources, to review their permitting, monitoring and enforcement activities, and report back within one year.

The most important part of the process is to hear from you, as a Virginian. Submit your comment now.

Gov. Northam recognized in his Executive Order 6 that “public health, recreational opportunities, safe drinking water, economic vitality, and our quality of life are linked directly to a healthy environment.”

Do you think that Virginia is doing everything it can to protect our environment? From the DEQ’s permitting processes to their communication with the public and everything in between, your feedback is essential.

Those living near multiple pollution sources and along the paths of the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast fracked-gas pipelines, affected by water contamination, or suffering breathing problems due to hazards like smog and coal dust can speak to the consequences of the DEQ’s lackluster oversight.

Protecting Virginia’s environment is the DEQ’s mission, but in many ways the agency is failing to protect our communities from harmful pollution and inadequately communicating with the public and stakeholders.

The most important voice in this examination of the DEQ’s performance is you! Now is your chance to have your voice heard.

Thank you for all you do for the environment,

Mary-Stuart Torbeck, Senior Organizer

Sierra Club Virginia Chapter