From Everytown, USA: Here’s a rundown on what’s been happening with the historic background check bill in the House:

First, Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced H.R. 8 — the critical bill that will update our background check system. Thenhundreds of thousands of Americans from across the country sent messages and called their representatives urging their support for this bill. And now, after the House Judiciary Committee voted to push the bill forward, H.R. 8 will be up for a vote on the House Floor as early as next week.

But we’re getting word that the gun lobby is pushing hard to drive messages opposing this bill. We need to step up and fight back: Send an immediate message to your Representative right now and tell them that you want them to vote YES on H.R. 8!

Thank you for doing your part — this is too important and Congress needs to hear from all of us.

Sarah Trumble 
Director of Federal Legislative Campaigns
Everytown for Gun Safety