LFA at work this month!

Writing POST CARDS for Jennifer Wexton! Part of the 332,000 initiated, written and mailed by Postcards4Virginia! Joining 1,400 VOICE members at annual rally, with Delegate Mark Keam! John and Cindy represent at Trial of the Century Rally at the Alexandria Federal Courthouse!

Jack Calhoun blogs about canvassing before the mid-terms!

Tips from the Canvassing Front Line: … This face-to-face work, although vitally important, may not be in the cards for retiring souls.  But know that opportunities abound: postcard writing, phone calling, poll watching, entering data, or preparing for local, state and Congressional legislative actions.  Something for everyone! http://hopematters.org/tips-from-the-canvassing-front-line-so-important-often-fun-but-don’t-negotiate-with-dobermans/

Jack Calhoun’s newest blog–Chalk and Rain: Repaving the Path of Discord with Messages of Indelible Hope

The Metro guard told me he’d never seen anything like it in all his years working for DC’s Metro system, people chalking love, togetherness, inclusion messages just off the top of the escalator at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop, the place where the white nationalists will step when they get …